Isabelle’s Picks

What I’m listening to:

Jordan Ruiz: The Mountainthe_mountain_artwork_final

As a European who is used to actual seasons rather than a sunny blue sky every day, I’ve been missing fall here in San Diego: all the brightly colored leaves, cozy sweaters, and cups of hot tea on rainy days. However, the songs on The Mountain by Jordan Ruiz somehow managed to invoke that exact feeling, even in the perpetual sunshine and warmth of Southern California – and I’m eternally grateful for that.

What I’m reading:


George Orwell: 1984

I had to read this classic at school, and I’m going to be honest here: I haaaaated it. I couldn’t even say why, but the tedious lessons sucked every bit of fun out of the book. It is amazing what a few additional years and a different setting can do, because now I’m reading it with completely different eyes and everything just makes so much more sense. It’s not the first school book I’ve had to re-read in order to fully appreciate it, and most definitely, it won’t be the last!

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