Daniella’s Picks

What I’m listening to:

Dr. Dog: Live at a Flamingo Hotel
Dr. Dog Live at a Flamingo HotelWhat’s better than going to a live concert? Well nothing really, but listening to a recording of a live concert comes pretty close. This album has a lot of popular songs like “Heart It Races” and “How Long Must I Wait”, along with the cheers of the live crowd. Dr. Dog is always a great pick me up, and with recent events and upcoming holidays what better way to escape the world for an hour and 26 minutes. IF you can’t go to a live concert maybe this will suffice. Probably not but it’s a good listen.

What I’m reading:

Mark Danielewski: House of Leaves

Mark Danielewski House of Leaves

A bit of a darker (and confusing) novel, but a really compelling read. If you’re looking for a traditional novel you’ll be disappointed but don’t be scared away by the experimentalness of it. It’s a bit frightening and confusing (what exactly is going on?!?) but dive right on in anyway. Don’t get deterred by the maze-like quality or the darkness the book purports. It’s not exactly an easy read but it’s definitely an interesting one.

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