Isabelle’s Picks

What I’m listening to:

Racing Glaciers: Caught in the Strange


I discovered Racing Glaciers during one of my YouTube binge sessions a while ago, and this year, the English band brought out their first full-length release. I have to admit that I forgot about it until recently, because I did not have any internet access during the time when it was released; plus, my musical to do list has just become way too long to keep track of. When I stumbled across their page again, I could not stop listening. To me, their songs just radiate some kind of peaceful strength – a quality that is hard to achieve, and that I absolutely admire.


What I’m reading:

ZZ Packer: Drinking Coffee Elsewhere


In addition to the immediate bonus points for the word “coffee” in the title, this masterful short story collection just feels extremely real. I can truly sense the tension arising when the protagonists, mostly young black women, struggle to fit in and to find their identity, against all of society’s expectations. While there is no way I can tell one-to-one how they feel, I definitely know what it means to be searching for a place to belong. No matter what one’s background may be – we are all just humans, so let’s be nice to each other!


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