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arthur-editorphoto2Arthur Kayzakian is a poet and MFA candidate at San Diego State University. He is also a contributing editor at Poetry International. His poems have appeared in or are forthcoming from Northridge ReviewChaparralTaproot Literary ReviewConfrontationSan Diego Poetry Annual, Serving House Journal, and Rufous City Review.

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editor-photo-3-uploadIsabelle Aeschlimann stars on The B-Side as a guest appearance from the University of Bern, Switzerland, where she is currently pursuing a BA degree in English Languages and Literatures. If you ask for her favorite musicians, the answer will most definitely be some Indie band that she has recently discovered by chance. This is the first editorial board she has ever been part of, but she is extremely excited to be working with what she loves: music and literature.

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Editor Branden and Koala FriendBranden Boynton is earning his MFA at San Diego State University, where he works as a contributing editor with Poetry International. As a poet he lets sound and rhythm drive his writing, taking influence equally from Walt Whitman and David Bowie. His favorite b-side collections are Saves The Day’s Ups and Downs, Say Anything’s All My Friends are Enemies, and the Alkaline Trio’s Remains.

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jahlel-editorphotoJahleh Ghanbari is poet/fiction writer and MFA candidate at San Diego State University. She has worked on such publications as Poetry International and San Diego Poetry Annual. Her poems have been featured in the aforementioned annual and online journals Anthem and Forth. All of her vast wealth as a writer is spent on concerts. Once, at a show, she touched Eugene Hutz’s hand.

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daniella-editorphotoDaniella is an English major at San Diego State University, where she occasionally tries her hand at writing. She enjoys music as much as she enjoys literature, so The B-Side is a great combination of both her passions. You can find her out and about town eating ramen and going to local shows.

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